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Just Kids Nostalgia is looking for all sorts of popular culture from the 20s thru the 80s.

We are looking for movie posters, toys, comic books, character collectibles, illustration and comic art, radio premiums, records, rock/music memorabilia, Disney, superheroes, action figures, dolls, TV & movie material, photographs, autographs, sports, monsters, sci fi... you get the idea.

If you have it, we can handle it all.

The low end, the medium end and the high end. We can make magic happen with great collections.

What's the secret of getting high prices on eBay while everyone else is complaining?

-We advertise off of eBay.
-We use social media to reach more collectors than you can imagine.
-We have saved every name from the last 35 years. That's one powerful mailing list.
-We know all of the collectors! You are getting this email, we know you!

Get in touch if you need details. Looking for collections now to sell in September.

Dealers...We regularly work with collectible and antique dealers. If you pick up collections now and again and need an expert in the field to sort it, appraise it and sell it, get in touch.


Just Kids on eBay - Original 1930s Comic Art Closing Soon!-200 Pieces-Popeye, Krazy Kat, Felix, Raggedy Ann

Just Kids is offering "The Louis Staub Collection" on eBay.

This auction of 200 pieces of Original Comic, Illustration and Political Cartoon Art on eBay is closing soon!

The time to bid is now! Or just watch, this one is going off the charts in the last few minutes.

We cannot mention all of the important artists represented here, so look at our graphic and look at the listings, worth a browse even if you don't want to buy.

All on eBay right now!

Just Kids on eBay - Paperback Book Cover Paintings-Original Art-Sci Fi, Western, Gothic

Big week for Original Art at Just Kids on eBay this week.

First: 200 original comic illustrations from the 1930s

Second: Around 25 paperback book cover paintings from the 1960 thru 1980s.

Sexy Sci Fi, Action filled Western, Moody Gothic and Sultry Romance.

See this selection on eBay before it disappears in a few days.

Just Kids Nostalgia Gives Shout Out to It's Only Rock n Roll

Just Kids Nostalgia would like to share a link to a friends website...
It's Only Rock n Roll!

They are offering up some museum quality Beatles and Rock & Roll Memorabilia. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!


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