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Just Kids Nostalgia...Underground Wimmens Comix #4 Original Art by Melinda Gebbie-On eBay Now!

Just Kids Nostalgia has Artwork from Wimmens Comix #4. Published in 1974. on eBay.

Complete 4 page story with art by Melinda Gebbie.

Also, a number of other interesting pieces of original underground comix art by Bill Griffith featuring Zippy the Pinhead.

Check it out on eBay.

Just Kids Nostalgia on eBay...WOODSTOCK Music Fest Love Comic Original Art-"I Found My Love At Woodstock"

Just Kids Nostalgia has the original artwork for"I Found My Love At The Woodstock Festival" on eBay.

Featured story in "Falling In Love Comics"

This hippie love comic book has a 10 page story and a cover devoted to making out at Woodstock.

We are offering the original art for all 10 pages & the cover + a nr. mint copy of the comic, a cover slick and a cover color guide.

The artwork is by Marvel Comic Book Artist, Werner Roth.

Published in 1970.

Now on eBay and getting a lot of attention. Rare find for the comic art collector and unique addition to any Woodstock collection.

Check it out on eBay.

Just Kids Nostalgia on eBay-Original Woodstock Art, Currier & Ives, Signed Steichen...LOTS MORE!

Mixed Bag from Just Kids Nostalgia on eBay this week.

We are offering the original art from a 1970 Romance Comic that takes place at the Woodstock Music Festival. Lots of mud, closed roads and hippies plus some smooching. Full story, cover art and color guide.

Don't miss out on four interesting Currier & Ives Prints from 1885.

Take a look at the Edward Steichen signed copy of "A life in Photography".

Check out a William Stout portfolio limited to 100 signed editions.

Search for rare promo 45 featuring Hogan's Heroes w/Picture Sleeve.

Lots being added all week on eBay!

Just Kids Nostalgia on eBay This Week - Classic Original Movie Stills Freaks to Warhol to Raiders

Just Kids has a collection of movie stills sold individually and in lots or sets on eBay this week.

More added next week.

Worth taking a look on eBay.

Just Kids Nostalgia-Filling in The Fall Auction Schedule-SINGLE SUBJECT COLLECTIONS WANTED!

Just Kids Nostalgia

Specializing in single subject collections! We need a few more collections to fill in our fall auction schedule!

Do you feel like it is time to let your collection go? Give Just Kids Nostalgia a try. Yes, we do want your rare and valuable items, but we will not neglect the under $100 items in your collection. We handle it all!

Many other auction houses are asking for consignments, but they only want to handle the top 10% of your collection.

We want to handle 100%.

We will sell your collection for you on eBay and back it up with our 39 year (continually updated) mailing list.

We will maximize the prices realized with a customized off of eBay advertising campaign.

We are looking for all popular culture collections from the 1930s thru the 1980s.

Movie Posters, Radio Premiums, TV, Non Sports Cards, Vinyl, Toys, Hopalong Cassidy, Howdy Doody, Early Disney, Autographs, Original Art, Comic Books, Advertising, Pin-ups, Photographs, Counter Culture, Pin Back Buttons, Superman, Action Figures, Star Wars, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Batman, Elvis, Beatles & Rock & Roll, Illustrators, Paper Ephemera...Character Collectibles of all kinds.


Just Kids Nostalgia Gives Shout Out to It's Only Rock n Roll

Just Kids Nostalgia would like to share a link to a friends website...
It's Only Rock n Roll!

They are offering up some museum quality Beatles and Rock & Roll Memorabilia. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!


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