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Just Kids Selling Contents of Old Record Store-1970s-1990s-Promotional Stuff! Lots of It!


Just Kids is selling off the contents of an old Record Store. It was filled with Standees, Displays, Posters, 4x4s, Banners, Tee Shirts, Inflatables, Boxes of Small Promotional Items of All Kinds, Sealed 180 Vinyl, Oddball Promotional CDs and more.

Look at our eBay listings, we will keep adding more stuff!

Consign to Just Kids For The New Year!-Pop Culture Collectibles Wanted!

We sell actively on eBay & we are looking to handle more collections this coming year.

So, why not consign your collection to Just Kids Nostalgia?

If your collection is worth around $2,000 to $10,000 or more we can take care of it all.
We do want the high end, but with it we will sell every item in your collection.
We will not cherry pick, and we will work hard to get the right price for each item.

Dealers, is there some inventory that you would like to sell off?

We stand behind every auction with online advertising, the power of our extensive mailing list and a high positive feedback rating. eBay alone is not always enough. We get the results, we get the prices.

You give us nice material, decent condition, a few weeks and we will do our magic.

We are looking for collections in all areas of popular culture from 1930s thru the 1980s. (The 80s are hot!)

Tin Wind Up Toys, Movie Posters, Celebrity Photographs, Vinyl, Pinback Buttons, Premiums, Autographs, Silver & Golden Age Comics, Non Sports Cards, Early Baseball, Advertising, Character and Celebrity Endorsements, TV Memorabilia, Action Figures, Westerns, Sci Fi, TV Guides, Early Movie Magazines, Universal Monsters, Games, Playsets, Sand Pails, Cereal Boxes, Cereal Prizes, Store Displays, Original Illustration and Comic Book Art, Video Games, Children's Books, Lunch Boxes, Comic Figurines, Industry Catalogs, Big Little Books, Autographs.

Specializing in all forms of Character Collectibles.

Vintage Disney, Popeye, Superman, Beatles, Batman, Howdy Doody, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Buck Rogers, Dick Tracy, Star Wars...You get the idea, surprise us!

By the way...Golden Age Comics sell well in off condition.

Get in touch for all the details.


Just Kids Wanted Ad...Lone Ranger & Tonto Door Panel Posters-1950s Wheaties Premium

A valued customer of Just Kids Nostalgia is looking to buy a few of these rarities.
Please let us know if you have an extra pair or single.

Give Ken a call at 631-423-8449 or send an email


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